All of the curtains I make are completely bespoke and I can work with you from the fabric choice to insillation.
The hems and linings are hand stitched for a professional finish and so that no stitching is seen on the top fabric.
For local commissions I can come to measure up the space in person, but if you are ordering from farther away, please take a look at my measurement guide or contact me if you need any assistance.




I  work with a wide range of fabric suppliers from larger companies to specialist weavers and can assist you with sourcing the right fabric.  Samples available sent directly to you to so that you can see and feel the fabrics in situ.
If you've already found the fabric you want to use, just let me know and I can order it directly to the workshop.


I use a high quality thick cotton lining as standard with a  thread count of 200g/sqm. Should you wish to use a blackout, semi-thermal lining or have the curtains interlined, I have a range of options available including beautifully coloured lining fabrics.




Ideal in a relaxed setting this pleat can be adjusted to size and creates a simple but effective heading style with plenty of volume to the curtain. Available in 6" or 3"

[Fullness  x2.00]



This clean and simple heading style works well in a modern setting, allowing the curtains to stack back neatly and is the most economical pleat for the ammount of fabric required.

[Fullness of x1.75]



This classic heading style works in both modern and traditional settings to give a smart and tailored finish with lots of volume in the curtain. 

[Fullness x2.25]


I have included a guide below and you can take your own measurements to order your curtains, or request a quote.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and I can talk you through anything you might need help with.



Measuring from the centre of the curtain pole/rail to the desired length.

If you would like the curtains to sit high enough to hide the curtain pile, please add 5cm to the drop measurement.

-  For short curtains measure to 0.5 cm above the sill.  If the sill is uneven, take the measurement 1.5cm above the highest point of the sill to reduce the eye being drawn to the difference.

-  For curtains finishing below the window sill, use a measurement of around 15-20cm below the sill as desired, or 2-5cm above the radiator should there be one.

-  For floor length curtains use a measurement of 1-2cm above the floor. 

-  If you do not have a curtain pole already in place, the pole should ideally be 10cm above the top of the window so take the measurement from this point.


Measuring the length of the curtain pole/rail along which the curtain will run.

-  If you do not have a curtain rail already in place, you will need to measure the width of the window recess and add the extra required width to this measurement.


- The track should ideally run 10cm - 15cm over each side of  the window recess. You will therefore need to add an additional 20cm - 30cm in total to the recess measurement.

- All curtains are made with an 8cm over lap and an 8cm return as standard.